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Navy veteran couple moving to Colorado loses priceless belongings after moving company misplaces delivery

Ryan David Standing in front of his belongings
Posted at 6:05 AM, Sep 13, 2021

DENVER — It has been more than two months since Falcon Moving LLC in New Jersey took possession of Ryan David and his family's belongings.

The Navy veteran, his Navy veteran wife, and their three kids packed up their house in Virginia in June and trusted the company to move their possessions to Denver.

"After building a life in Virginia with my wife, and to come here after everything we've just recently purchased to build a family, we (are still missing) the essentials, the big items, our mattress, our kitchen chairs, our bed frame, the kids toys, several boxes full of kids clothing," David said.

Falcon Moving dropped off the family's belongings in early July. But David said at least one-third of those belongings never arrived. Most of his large items are gone, including his gas generator and other large furniture items.

"We met up with (the company) here at this storage facility," David explained. "And that's when we unloaded the truck and realized that everything was a mess."

For two months, David has been trying to connect with the company. He said the insurance claim he filed with Falcon Moving only paid him $89. He said he believes the value of the items lost is worth thousands of dollars.

"We were surprised. We thought it was a typo," said David. "It feels like a like a violation."

He said most of the items can be replaced, however expensive, but the most valuable belongings were memorabilia from his time in the Navy with his now-wife — priceless memories, boxed and shipped, but never delivered.

"We had documentation supporting different qualifications. We have patches and pins and love letters that we wrote on the boat and things that can't be replaced," he said.

Contact Denver7 reached out to Falcon Moving for comment. A representative said they would look into the claims immediately. Before we finished talking to David, they sent him photos of some of his missing belongings.

He said, after months of trying to get answers, this was finally a step forward.

"I'm wondering where the rest is. I'm wondering why it happened. And I'm wondering if we can figure out a total solution," David said. "I guess it took them understanding that their company would be on the news."

Though still skeptical, David said he is hopeful that his moving nightmare can finally be resolved.

"There is almost an ending to this whole thing," he said.

UPDATE: This Falcon Moving LLC is based in New Jersey and is financially unaffiliated with other Falcon Moving Companies established elsewhere.