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Majority of residents at the Mint Urban Infinity Apartment still living without air conditioning

Many have been waiting for several weeks for AC
Mint Urban Apartments
Posted at 6:09 PM, Jun 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-22 19:49:59-04

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DENVER — The majority of residents living in the Mint Urban Infinity Apartments are approaching the one-month mark of not having air conditioning.

Ian Kennedy, who has lived in his apartment for eight months, says he's feeling helpless.

“You don’t feel like you have any recourse. They don’t ever offer you anything but their condolences and they’re sorry for an inconvenience when I try to explain to them that this isn’t merely an inconvenience,” Kennedy said.

The most recent email from management gives residents no timeline for when repairs will be complete. Instead, they offer their apologies for the delay.

“We understand that everyone is very hot and extremely frustrated. Please know that we are not intentionally keeping the chillers off and the on-site team fully empathizes with you during this unfortunate heat wave,” Kennedy read from the email from management.

The heat has forced Kennedy to buy two air conditioners. But when the weather outside is unbearable, inside isn't much better.

“It just runs and runs, and it is still 80 degrees in here,” Kennedy said.

In a different tower, Teegan Sierra and her roommate, Khyanah Hoang, say they have been living through a bed bug nightmare for months.

“The management, they don’t really care,” said Teegan Sierra.

They even took a video of the bed bugs in their carpet.

“I was doing my toe nails, and I was sitting in the carpet, and I randomly got bit and immediately checked and I found one, and then the next night I found another two, and another one bit me,” Hoang said.

Both Sierra and Hoang say their carpets were changed after several complaints. Even after inspections, the bed bugs are still in their apartment.

Come July, they say they won’t be renewing their lease.

“It is a low income area, and just because we’re not making that much money doesn’t mean you can treat us like that,” Sierra said.

Denver7 reached out to Cardinal Group Companies, which owns the complex, but they did not respond to our request for comment.