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Fungus, rot, overgrowth, decay; Aurora condo owners say HOA has avoided fixes for years

Sterling Commons Decaying Staircase
Posted at 12:54 AM, May 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 02:54:43-04

AURORA, Colo. — Yevonne Burgess says she is used to things falling apart.

Decaying stairs, unfastened railing posts, pot holes, overgrown grass patches and dead trees are just a few of the items on her growing list of complaints with her HOA, Mastino Management.

"Our stairs have been falling apart for years, and nothing has taken place," Burgess said. "The center mail unit is not working so we cannot get our mail, and it has been that way for over a year."

She is a condo owner at Sterling Commons Condominiums and says she pays more than $300 every month to Mastino Management Company. Mastino took over management in 2019.

"It is bad. This whole community has gone downhill," Burgess said. "They don’t want to mow the lawns. They don’t want to fix the sprinklers. They don’t want to do anything but collect our money and make sure that they are paid on time, but they don’t want to help us."

Contact Denver7 reached out to Mastino Management for comment but did not receive a response to the claims of residents. A spokesperson did reference several instances where the HOA offered to put repair plans together but were rejected by residents.

The residents of Sterling Commons deny the claim.

The foundation issues in the condominium are causing health issues, some residents claim. One woman has a continual leak in her ceiling. Another has fungus growing in her bedroom. Both, they say, are caused by leaks in the foundation.

"I'm really frustrated," said another resident. "And I really want to move due to that."