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Elderly residents speak out about broken washing machines at Edgewater apartment complex

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Posted at 2:39 PM, Jun 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-13 19:48:45-04

EDGEWATER, Colo. --- Several elderly residents at the Edgewater Plaza apartment complex contacted Denver7 to say they'd been left with a single, functioning washing machine for months.

"We got 84 apartments here, but it's hard to wash clothes when you got one washing machine working." one resident said.

Every resident that spoke of their experience asked for their identity to be concealed.

"I washed a load of clothes yesterday at six in the morning and some people get up earlier. Some people are washing them at night. Whenever you get down there and get a washing machine you just start washing." another resident added.

Edgewater Plaza is owned and operated by Brothers Redevelopment Incorporated. According to the company website, the organization is a, "Denver-based nonprofit organization that provides housing and a variety of housing-related services for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents."

On Thursday, Denver7 captured out-of-service signs affixed to the apartment complex's washing machines.

On Friday morning, Denver7 received correspondence from Brothers Redevelopment about the matter. A spokesperson said as of Friday, all four washing machines were in service and that new ones would be installed in the coming weeks.

With regard to your inquiry about the washing machines in Edgewater Plaza, our management team has been aware of the situation since last December, when two of the four washing machines at the community started to experience issues. Each time an issue was reported by a tenant, our vendor was contacted and dispatched to make the repairs. Unfortunately, these same two machines began flooding the laundry room despite all repair attempts and were temporarily shut down. At that time, our management team posted signage to notify residents.We worked to ensure that two of the machines have been operable throughout the duration of this situation. All four dryers, meanwhile, have been properly functioning.

Please note that as of today, all machines are in operation, and we have contacted a plumber to help us better assess the flooding issues that have been occurring. We also have signed a new contract with the vendor and are awaiting installation of new washing machines in the coming weeks.

We understand how this situation has upset and negatively impacted Edgewater Plaza tenants. To help alleviate the stress associated with the issue, we have provided the community manager and the resident services coordinator with funds they can make available to tenants who would like to take their laundry to the nearby laundromat as we continue to work through the problem. We hope to quickly have a better and thorough assessment of the issue and necessary repairs -- even by the end of business today.

Jeff Martinez


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