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Denver woman wants items returned from Dependable Pro Painters contractor

Woman says contractor hasn't returned items for renovation
'Really just want my cabinet faces ...back': Denver woman wants items returned from contractor
Posted at 9:47 PM, Dec 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 11:13:24-05

DENVER — A Denver woman says she's out thousands of dollars after hiring a contractor for renovations that were never completed.

"I really just want my cabinet faces, drawers, shelves and hardware back," Jesse Rodgers said with an exasperated sigh as she stood in her kitchen, with the cabinets and their exposed frames behind her.

Exactly two weeks ago, Rodgers said she hired Dependable Pro Painters to paint her kitchen cabinets and drawers. The work was contracted start and finish during Thanksgiving week.

Rodgers said the contractor showed up late twice. When she tried to get progress updates on the other days, she said she received delayed responses instead.

"Wednesday night he was like, 'I'm so sorry. I was in the hospital,'" Rodgers said.

By the Saturday following Thanksgiving, Rodgers decided to terminate the contract. She said she texted him a notice but never heard back. She later started only receiving sporadic responses.

"That's the part that's frustrating. I've called him on friends' numbers, on my parents' numbers and all of those numbers will go through. My number won't go through," Rodgers said. "It literally rings once and goes straight to his voicemail every single time."

Rodgers has filed a police report with an estimated $5,000 in total damages. She's also asked Dependable Pro Painters to provide a refund and to return her cabinet faces and hardware.

"It's just like to the point where (I'm) canceling plans and having to make alternate locations for things and it's just not ideal," she said.

Denver7 tried to call the business and got a voicemail instead. Hours later, the owner returned the call. He said he has no plans to refund any money, but wants the situation to be "over." He said he plans to return the cabinets to Rodgers sometime this week.

Rodgers wants the situation to come to a resolve, too.

"There's nothing dependable about this man, nothing dependable about him at all," she said. "I would not have anyone use him ever again."

Tuesday evening, a day after this story aired, Dependable Pro Painters returned most of cabinet faces to Rodgers. A few remaining pieces still need to be exchanged.

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