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Broomfield mobile home park residents left without running water for days after pipes freeze

Posted at 4:33 PM, Feb 14, 2021

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- Residents of a Broomfield mobile home park haven't had running water since Friday because of issues with new water meters and frozen pipes.

Ryan Miller has lived at the Front Range Mobile Home Park for nearly five years. On Friday morning, he said he woke up to start his day, only to soon find out he didn't have running water anywhere in his home.

"I immediately go and get a tank of propane to try and unfreeze my pipes. [I went] through three tanks by the end of Friday," he said.

Miller told Denver7 he knew freezing temperatures were in the forecast, which is why he left his faucets dripping, but that didn't help.

"I got under the house Saturday morning and noticed it was leaking from where the pipe comes in from underneath the house where the park put the new water meters in," said Miller.

He said he went to the mobile home park management and maintenance staff but didn't get anywhere, so he turned to gallons of water in the meantime.

"We're buying gallons of water. We used $36 of water in two days just to flush our toilets," he said.

However, Miller isn't the only one having to resort to this method. At least four others on his block are having this same issue, with even more spread out in the mobile home park.

"There's over 20 houses Friday that didn't have water," said Miller.

Staci Salazar, Miller's neighbor, is among those.

"It's not fun. I had to go shower at my mom's yesterday," said Salazar. "I got dishes piling up in the sink. We have to use the bathroom."

On Sunday, maintenance staff showed up to Miller's home to try and fix the issue, but all they were able to do was put a stop to the leak on the meter.

Denver7 reached out to the Front Range property manager who said she was aware of the problem, and was working on a solution, but didn't have one at the time.

For Miller, his family, and the others in the park without running water, that solution can't come fast enough.

"My 6-year-old especially -- my 12-year-old, he's man enough, but my little girl, she needs a bath," said Miller.

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