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Boulder family's home burglarized in broad daylight

Burglar may have been disguised as grocery delivery person
Boulder burglar
Posted at 6:03 AM, Sep 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-27 08:03:04-04

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BOULDER, Colo. — After returning to their Boulder home Saturday night, Chris Clearman and his wife immediately suspected something was wrong.

“When we walked into the house, we noticed there was a small salad sitting on the island, in our kitchen and in a Tupperware, and neither of us had any idea where it came from,” Clearman said.

Clearman decided to look at their home’s security camera footage. They were shocked with what they found.

“We noticed it was someone that was robbing the house, essentially,” Clearman said.

It happened in broad daylight.

On Saturday afternoon, the man was caught on camera approaching their front door with a plastic bag in his hand as if he was delivering groceries. He checked under the doormat looking for a key.

“Then he checks the doorknob to see if the house is unlocked, and then he starts going around to the side to check other doors,” Clearman said.

Boulder family's home burglarized in broad daylight

The burglar was able to make his way in through the side door. Once in the house, he makes his way to their bedroom.

“He grabbed whatever was in reach and made his way back out the door that he came in,” said Clearman.

On the way out, he dropped a salad that was in his plastic bag.

“Had he not left that salad, we wouldn't have noticed her work backpack was gone until Monday morning when we were trying to leave for work,” Clearman said.

In total, the burglar took around $3,000 worth of property.

“He took a high-end graphics processing laptop, a backpack, some gym clothes, some cash, and a few other small electronics in the bag, along with probably other things,” Clearman said.

Clearman said he believes the plastic bag in the man’s hand served as a prop. He said other neighbors in the area have had people knock on their doors saying they were delivering groceries and had gotten the wrong address.

“You know, you see somebody snooping around and they even have an out when they're posing as a delivery driver with groceries: 'Oh, I'm sorry, wrong house,'” Clearman said.

Boulder police said they are investigating the break-in. They ask anyone with information to contact them at 303-441-3333.