Colorado boy hoping for birthday cards

Posted at 4:47 AM, Mar 30, 2016
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The family of a 6-year-old boy who survived brain cancer and is now dealing with strokes is hoping to flood him with birthday cards.

Logan Green got homemade Get Well Cards from his classmates last month after brain surgery.

"Hours after brain surgery, he was smiling and so excited for these cards," Logan's mom Crisandra Green told Denver7. "It was huge."

"So we started thinking, for his birthday, how neat would it be, to have everyone we know, and people around the world, send him birthday cards," Crisandra said. "To know how many people out there are praying for him, supporting him, know what he’s going through and think he’s a super hero."

Crisandra said two years ago Logan was a normal, healthy five-year-old. But in June 2014, he suddenly collapsed.

He was rushed to the hospital and the news was devastating to the family.

"The came in and told us he had a mass, a very large mass, in his brain," Crisandra said.

After he was moved by helicopter to another hospital, the news got worse.

"They came into the room and told us Logan's brain tumor was in his brain stem," Crisandra said. "They told us Logan had no chance of survival past one week."

"I remember sitting in that room. I begged and pleaded -- How could my little boy running around hours before?" Crisandra said.

"They put him on life support and told us to say our goodbyes," Crisandra cries as she remembers that day. "I was terrified. He was our baby. A light in our life. The comedian of the family -- always making sure everyone is laughing and happy. It was awful."

Crisandra said a friend encouraged them to get a second opinion. That doctor agreed to do a biopsy, remove some of the tumor, and maybe give Logan a chance.

"While Logan's tumor was wrapped around all of the important central nerves that control your breathing, heart, etc., there was miracle," Crisandra said. "The doctor came out and told us he’d never seen anything like this. The reason he [Logan] collapsed that night a few days earlier was because the tumor had hemorrhaged. The hemorrhage softened the inside and the tumor came crumbling out."

"He went from zero chance of survival to cancer-free," Crisandra said.

However, Logan woke up not being able to talk or walk or even swallow because of the damage to the central nerves.

But Crisandra said Logan fought. He started walking two days after surgery. He fought to get his voice back.

"The day before Thanksgiving, about 6 months later, he passed the swallow test," Crisandra said.

"But with childhood cancer, now we deal with all of the after effects," Crisandra said.

It turns out the radiation Logan got back in 2014 did some unknown brain damage.

"All of a sudden, he started acting funny about a month ago," Crisandra said.

He had a stroke.

Logan was diagnosed with Moyamoya, a vascular condition that causes strokes.

He had his second brain surgery two weeks ago.

"He came out and did amazing, but next day he had a large stroke and lost vision," Crisandra said. "It really scared him."

But Logan didn't give up.

"He got his vision back," Crisandra said. "The doctors were suprised that Logan was able to recover his vision almost fully."

Logan was in the hospital for five days. He's home now recovering.

"He's an incredible kid," Crisandra said. "Logan has taught us all a lot about having faith and being courageous."

Now Crisandra is hoping people who read Logan's story will send him a birthday card. Logan turns 7 on April 5.

He's already received over 100 cards.

"It means everything to us," Crisandra told Denver7. "We really think all the prayers and support that he's gotten has really helped every one of us get through this and stay strong and know everything was going to be OK."

Cards can be mailed to: 3472 Research PKWY Suite 104-571, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920.

You can follow Logan's journey on Facebook.


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