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Vigils across Boulder pay tribute to the 10 lives lost in Monday's shooting

Vigil attendees outside the Boulder County Court House
Posted at 6:01 AM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 08:56:10-04

BOULDER. Colo. — Vigils across Boulder on Wednesday paid tribute to the 10 lives lost in the King Soopers shooting earlier this week. The largest was held outside the Boulder County Courthouse where hundreds gathered to pay respects.

"My heart and the hearts of many in our community are broken today," said Boulder Interim City Manager Chris Meschuk while speaking to the gathered crowd. "The flowers, the artwork, the messages of support — all around the Boulder community — are what (is) going to bring us together as we begin the grieving and healing process."

"Let's feel together," he continued.

The vigil at the courthouse was one of nearly a dozen vigils held across the city as people gathered to mourn the loss of 10 people after a gunman opened fire at a King Soopers on Monday afternoon. Churches, community centers, and public parks served as the venues.

Watch the full vigil below:

Candlelight vigil held at Pearl Street Courthouse to honor victims of Monday’s mass shooting

"You might not have known those people directly but you have a connection through somebody through somebody through a friend or somebody else," said attendee Terri Beach. "The more people that are here together it really just helps everybody realize that we're not trying to do this by ourselves."

Trude Kleess said she is "incredibly sad and overwhelmed" that mass shootings happen so often around the world. And now it's hit Boulder.

"Two years ago, almost exactly, we were in Christ Church New Zealand the day after the massacre there," she said. "And all we had to say to people there was, 'We are from Colorado. We understand.' And now I have those people emailing and texting me."

Kleess said one positive is that the community has shown up to support each other.

"We are resilient. We will make it through this," she said. "We are 'Boulder Strong.'"

Click here to learn how to help the victims of the shooting and their families. The suspect is expected to make his first court appearance Thursday morning in Boulder County District Court.