Volunteer helps Coloradans battling cancer

Posted at 8:10 AM, Oct 05, 2015

Every day, thousands of cancer patients nationwide need to get to their treatments but are unable to drive themselves. 7Everyday Hero Carol Rose has a solution. 

She volunteers for the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program. 

"I have been doing it five years this month," said Rose. 

"The goal is simply to get cancer patients to their treatments," explained Jen Briggs, Mission Delivery Program Manager. 

"I pick them up at their home. If they need some assistance getting into the car, we do that. And then we drop them off door to door at their facility where they're getting their cancer treatment," said Rose. 

One of Rose's clients is Mario Amaro. Despite battling cancer, he is always upbeat and excited to visit with a Road to Recovery driver. 

"Well, these are Mario's angels because they are like angels to me. I needed the help and they're there for me," said Amaro. 

"And often these people are bread winners and they can't work and they can't drive. And if there's another person in their home they are usually working to keep things afloat. So, without the drivers they can't get their treatments," added Rose. 

Rose enjoys the one-on-one contact with patients and the flexibility of her volunteering schedule. She provides the rides about once a week. 

"We have some drivers who drive once a month and others who drive a few times a week," said Briggs. 

"For me, when I am giving I'm receiving more, and that's why I do it," said Rose. 

To learn more about the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program go to

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