Volunteer bring smiles to patients at Children's

Posted at 9:49 AM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 11:49:20-05
Everyone has their favorite TV show. 
A Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, patients watch Judson's Club.
The weekly closed-circuit TV show stars 7Everyday Hero Judson Hambleton.
"Coming here every week lets me show kids and their families how people with Cerebral Palsy can do all sorts of things," said Hambleton using his computer to speak for him. 
"Do you know why my voice is so strange? It's because I use this computer to talk," Hambleton told patients who were gathered for a recent show he was hosting. 
"I think Judson is an incredible guy who really can teach kids and everyone that differences are totally normal and people can learn a lot from him," said Cody Hudson, Children's Hospital Colorado. 
Judson's Club features narrated books, trivia and games that provide a welcome distraction for patients and their families. 
Hambleton's desire to entertain others and his sense of humor make him a natural at hosting. 
He makes it all look easy, even if it's not. 
"I would say it takes him three to five minutes to put a sentence together that's maybe even five or six words," said Hambleton's mom. 
But you'll never hear Hambleton complain. 
"Volunteering makes me happy and makes others happy," said Hambleton.
Hambleton's inspiration to help others comes from a movie he saw.
"I saw a movie called 'On the Way to School.' It's about kids in poor countries and how they get to school. One boy from India had a broken wheelchair made from a plastic lawn chair. His two brothers pushed him on a bad road for two hours to get him to school. It made me feel good when all the kids hugged him and helped him get into the school. I wish I could get him a nice wheelchair and a better way to go to school," explained Hambleton.
Hambleton's dad said: "We are very, very proud of him.  He's a great kid." 
Judson Hambleton's computer may help him speak, but the words of encouragement are from the heart of a young man who leads by example. 
"I wish people would always be kind to each other.  I wish no one would be left out, especially if they are in a wheelchair," said Hambleton. 
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