Elbert County volunteer Teri Allen's non-profit, Terolyn Horse Rescue, rescues horses from slaughter

Posted at 8:39 AM, Sep 05, 2016
This week's 7Everyday Hero rescued her first horse when she was just a child. That was more than 25 years ago. 
Teri Allen has dedicated her life to helping horses and the people who love them. Saving horses from slaughter is so important to her, she started a non-profit in her own backyard.
"It is Terolyn Horse Rescue," said Allen. 
Her small ranch in Elizabeth is a haven for horses others considered "throwaways."
"Currently we have 16 in our care," said Allen. 
Though a small operation, Teri, her family and friends have saved more than fifty horses in the past two years. 
"When these horses come in they are scared, they're sold by the pound, and most of them are sick, some are hurt," said Allen. 
Some of the horses are given up by those who can no longer afford to care for them. But most are on their way to slaughter, before Allen steps in. 
Terolyn Horse Rescue nurses the horses back to physical health, and nurtures them so they trust again. It can be a time consuming and costly process. 
It's worth it.  It's totally worth it," said Allen. 
Even if that means long hours and money out of her own pocket. 
"I know all these horses are just so thankful for her.  They would not be alive without her. So, she's a wonderful person," said volunteer Jax Penn. 
"It's not about getting them out of here so more can come in.  It's about finding them the right placement so they don't end up in the place where we first found them," said friend and volunteer Callea Sherrill. 
"I kind of felt it was my calling," said Allen.
To learn more about Terolyn Horse Rescue go to
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