Douglas County volunteer Debbie Jones helps students and teachers at Cherry Valley Elementary School

Posted at 7:43 AM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 09:43:34-04
Life in eastern Douglas County may be less crowded than Denver and there can also be fewer people to volunteer. 
That makes this 7Everyday Hero Debbie Jones extra special. She gives her time at Cherry Valley Elementary School in Franktown. 
Jones worked at the rural school for nine years, when her kids were younger.
"She always did her job and other people's jobs too.  Debbie always took her work home even though I told her not to.  So, she was volunteering even when she worked full time," said Ellen Porche, Teacher's Assistant. 
Jones has been volunteering at the school for seven years. 
"It's such a small school.  We all work part time," said teacher Peggy Henninger.
"I come in every week and give a spelling test to the kids," said Jones. 
Jones is so well liked by the students, they do not mind spelling tests. 
"She is very gentle and humble, so they're not intimidated to take spelling tests from her, at all," said Henninger. 
"Well, she helps me with my spelling.  She makes my day.  She's very pretty and fun and kind," said 3rd grader Karlina Tanin.
"She comes and helps us read books and we read together. And sometimes when I get stuck on a word she helps me sound it out," said 2nd grader Zephyr Miller. 
"It feels like she's my second grandma kind of, because I've known her since I was one and I went to church with her at Spring Valley Chapel," said 4th grader Clara Griffith. 
On the day we visited, dozens of students expressed their appreciation for Jones by reading stories about her in class. 
"I just like the interaction with the kids.  They're always so cleaver and it's fun to be around them.  They're very joyful and it makes me happy," said Jones.
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