7Everyday Heroes Sheila and Mike Davis serve at Longmont's OUR Center

Couple helps pave the way to self suffiiency
Posted at 12:44 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 14:44:23-05
LONGMONT, Colo. -- As Colorado grows, unfortunately so does the homeless population. But in Longmont, they have a program that helps people get back on their feet. It involves 7Everyday Heroes Sheila and Mike Davis. 
For the last seven years, this couple has volunteered at Longmont's OUR Center on Third Avenue. 
"Our mission is to move people toward self-sufficiency. Homelessness prevention is one of our big functions. To keep people in their homes, especially now in our affordable home crisis," said OUR Center Exec. Director Edwina Salazar. 
The OUR Center helps people in a myriad of ways.
"I work in the marketplace and help the clients pick out their food for the week and Mike does the pickup," volunteer Sheila Davis said. "And I am the truck driver," added Mike Davis. 
Sheila's husband Mike collects the food donations from various grocery stores. He drives his own pickup truck. It is a big job: The OUR Center goes through a half a ton of food every day. 
"I normally pick up from the Safeway at 17th & Hoover and bring it in on Thursday mornings," Mike said. 
The OUR Center serves 1,200 households a month through its cafe which is open for a healthy meal for those who cannot afford one. It also has a store filled with gently used, donated clothing. 
But perhaps the most important stop at the center is the resource specialist where clients can learn how to help themselves and their families in a time of crisis. 
"So many folks come in here are just good hard working people. And just an unfortunate situation, they lose a job, they have a health situation and it just devastates their lives," Mike said. 
The OUR Center succeeds in helping people thanks to 250 dedicated volunteers like Sheila and Mike Davis. 
"We really enjoy it. It's very, very rewarding for us," Sheila said. 
The OUR Center is always looking for more volunteers.  If you are interested go to
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