7Everyday Hero Win Pendleton helps DougCo students with math

Volunteer uses physics background to help students
Posted at 8:24 AM, Jan 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-16 10:27:19-05
If you struggled with high school math or physics, you will appreciate 7Everyday Hero Win Pendleton. He is a retired physics professor with a heart for helping others. 
"I have seven years teaching experience at the Air Force Academy and when I retired from the Air Force, I taught physics and astronomy at a college in Georgia," said Pendleton. 
These days Pendleton gives his time at the Douglas County Student Support Center. It is a place where students recapture the thrill of learning and their desire to succeed. 
"We work with students, at-risk students, students who have had difficulty in the traditional high school setting," said instructor Phil Grindrod. 
Those students are thankful for volunteers like Win Pendleton. 
Michael Cave was in the program for nine weeks and said Pendleton helped him with his problem solving skills that he is sure to use the rest of his life. 
"He really takes the time if you don't understand something.  He is able to slowly walk you through it and give you hints until you do understand it.  Not very many people are willing to donate that type of time to help anyone, let alone just one person.  And he does it all the time," said Cave. 
Pendleton has volunteered at the Dougco School Student Center for ten years. 
"Well, I try to give one or two hours a week and it's usually in the morning.   The students they just need a little encouragement, a little help interpreting questions," said Pendleton. 
"I love watching him and watching over his shoulder when he's working with kids, because I get to learn, too. He just makes everything better," said Grindrod. 
Win Pendleton is a wealth of knowledge who enjoys making tough subjects more approachable. 
"To me it's really easy.  If I can impart some of that ease with them and make it easy for them then it's very satisfying," said Pendleton.
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