7Everyday Hero Toni Kocjancic helps the animals and visitors at the Denver Zoo

Volunteer has given her time for 20-years
Posted at 7:49 AM, Dec 05, 2016
Do you know how to feed a rhinoceros? 7Everyday Hero Toni Kocjancic can show you. She is an outstanding volunteer with a passion for pachyderms. 
"I am mostly a keepers assistant here in the hippos and rhinos area," said Kocjancic.  
Toni is also a docent, which means when she's not talking with the animals she is helping educate the visitors. 
"If one person can inspire another person, well that's one more person that can save these animals and that can help the animals that I love," said Kocjancic. 
Kocjancic has given her time at the Denver Zoo for 20-years, which adds up to more hours than she can remember. 
"Let me see, 7,000 right now," Kocjancic said as she looked at her volunteer badge to remind herself. 
Kocjancic also volunteers on multiple nights of the Denver Zoo Lights. 
"I think she's signed up for at least 15 to 20 nights for this year," said fellow zoo volunteer Bob Burrell. 
Even at night during Zoo Lights the animals come out to check out the visitors, as the humans look at all the lights. 
"More than two million this year.  We've expanded it again," said Burrell. 
And if you go see the pachyderms, you may spot outstanding volunteer Toni Kocjancic. 
"Just being around people kind of energizes me and keeps me challenged and keeps me going everyday," said Kocjancic.
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