7Everyday Hero Steve Medina donates 434th time to Bonfils Blood Center

90-year old is a super blood donor
Posted at 9:30 AM, Mar 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-27 11:31:09-04
DENVER -- They have a saying at Bonfils Blood Center: "Heroes come in all types." They may have had Steve Medina in mind. He has been donating blood every 56 days for a long time. 

"Since I was 17," said Medina. 

The Colorado native turned 90 years young on Monday.

"And I am a Blackfoot Indian," said Medina. 

And he is still working. 

"I still install lawn sprinklers at my age. I was a state patrolman. I was in the service, but mostly I'm always helping somebody," said Medina. 

Medina's visit to Bonfils in March marked his 434th time to donate blood. 

"Hey, it makes me feel good. It makes them feel good. It is terrific," said Medina. 

"It takes about 3,000 people every week just to supply those donations needed across Colorado and beyond. So, donors like Steve who come in regularly every 56 days are just crucial," said Liz Lambert, Bonfils Blood Center. 

Medina has inspired other loyal donors, like Ned Habich. 

"It is amazing. He's my hero. To be able to donate as long as he has without missing a beat is just incredible," said Habich. 

All of Medina's visits have added up to 54-gallons of donated life-saving blood. 

"I always thought ‘gee, everybody is talking about one gallon.’ And I thought, ‘boy, maybe someday I will have a gallon.’ And here I am," said Medina. 

Steve Medina has spent a lifetime giving, and he recommends it highly. 

"Open your heart. It doesn't hurt," said Medina. 

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