7Everyday Hero Paula Bellack teaches English as a second language through Volunteers of America

Posted at 9:51 AM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-25 11:51:35-04
Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication. It helps if a 7Everyday Hero helps teach you for free. 
Paula Bellack gives her time with Volunteers of America. She is an ESL or English as a Second Language teacher. 
"So, ESL is teaching them the English language so they can get around and learn how to function in the community," said Bellack. 
Bellack has been giving her time with VOA for more than five years. 
"She has been teaching us English for more than two years," said student Rujuan Zhan. 
"She is a very good teacher," added fellow student Shili Guo. 
Zhan and Guo were both born in China. They knew little to no English until Bellack came along. 
"They are very motivated.  They want to learn English so they are willing to work," said Bellack. 
Bellack also volunteers at the VOA's Bill Daniels Veteran Services Center in Denver. 
"The people who come in here I consider heroes.  They serve our country.  They're my heroes," said Bellack. 
Bellack learned of these volunteer opportunities thanks to the VOA's RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. 
"It is a way to narrow down the big pool of trying to figure out where you want to go to volunteer so it's not so overwhelming," said Cathy Law, Project Manager for the VOA RSVP. 
RSVP has paid off for countless volunteers like Paula Bellack, who have chosen to spend their retirement years volunteering to serve others. 
To learn more about the RSVP program visit the VOA's website.
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