7Everyday Hero Mike Lewis helps feed students in Adams County through Food for Hope

Posted at 11:55 AM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 13:55:15-04

You do not need research to tell you that hunger can hinder a child's ability to learn. And yet there are thousands of kids right here in Colorado who go hungry. 

That is why 7Everyday Hero Mike Lewis volunteers at Food for Hope. 

"Because there are a lot of kids who go hungry in Adams County. So, our function is to provide them food for the weekend for both them and their families," Lewis said.  

"Statistics tell us around 20,000 children in Adams County are not receiving enough food when they're at home," said Food for Hope Executive Director Emily Stromquist. 

Food for Hope makes around 500 weekend food bags each week that the kids in the Adams 12 School District take home. 

"We have heard stories from parents who have said, 'I was going to have to choose between groceries and paying my power bill and now I don't have to make that difficult choice,'" Stromquist said. 

Last year Food for Hope distributed nearly 11,000 bags of food with the help of more than 400 volunteers like Mike Lewis. 

"He has been there from the very beginning.  He's always been incredibly selfless, not only with his time but with his resources," Stromquist said. 

"Well, God has been very good to me and so I like giving back. I can never give back what he's given me," Lewis said. 

Lewis says volunteering is rewarding because you get something priceless when you give of yourself. 

"I do," Lewis said, tapping his heart. "A soft heart." 

To learn more about Food for Hope go to

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