7Everyday Hero Marilyn McShane offers hope for families in Aurora through Friends of St. Andrew

Volunteer has given her time for 28 years
Posted at 8:03 AM, Nov 28, 2016
AURORA, Colo. -- A church in Aurora decided back in the 1980s that it wanted another way to serve the community. And for much of that time a 7Everyday Hero has been there to provide hope.  
"This is called Friends of Saint Andrew.  And it is an off-shoot from Queen of Peace Parish," said volunteer Marilyn McShane. 
"We are fully supported by Queen of Peace church, which is amazing because we serve 30,000 people a year," said Siobhan Latimer, the Program Director at Friends of St. Andrew. 
Friends of Saint Andrew provides a hot lunch everyday and food baskets for those in need. 
"The food baskets are customized on whether you have a home or don't," said Latimer. 
But perhaps most important, the center has been around for 30 years offering hope to the people of Aurora. Marilyn McShane has given her time here since 1988. 
"They are our brothers and sisters in our lives and they deserve the dignity of being able to get a meal and be able to take something home to feed their families," said McShane. 
For McShane, serving the poor is a privilege. 
"There was a man who came in and he said, 'You know, three months ago I was at Costco and my basket was heaped, and I had a great job and a house and last night I had my three children in a hotel room and I fed them popcorn.'  So, for him to bring them here and have lunch --  that was just so rewarding -- just to know we are helping our community," said a tearful McShane. 
McShane and the 80+ other volunteers and the parishioners at Queen of Peace helped that whole family recover. 
"The goal here is to give people food to eat, drink, warmth and caring," said McShane. 
To learn more about the Friends of Saint Andrew, call 303-364-2329.
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