7Everyday Hero Katie Thomson volunteers for Extreme Community Makeover

Volunteers spruce up Denver area neighborhoods
Posted at 8:41 AM, Jun 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 10:41:53-04
DENVER -- Few people enjoy doing yard work. Now, imagine having limited mobility or a limited budget and trying to get those chores done on your own. 
That's where 7Everyday Hero Katie Thomson comes in. She volunteers for a non-profit called Extreme Community Makeover. 
"We work in specific neighborhoods in Denver and we help folks with outside home improvement projects that are doable with volunteers. So, we help with projects like painting, landscaping, yard work, alley clean-ups, graffiti removal, trimming bushes, any type of project that we can be a good neighbor and have some helping hands to help out with," said Executive Director Angela Bomgaars.
"I have been doing it every summer for four years. This is my fourth year. I love E.C.M.'s mission. They get out into the community and serve people, they get the community together and just better the neighborhood," Thomson said. 
Since 2008, E.C.M. has focused on Denver's economically-challenged neighborhoods. 
"We have probably worked on more than 2,000 homes since we started," Bomgaars said. 
E.C.M. turns to families, youth groups, and businesses to supply volunteers to help get the work done in one day's time. 
"You're getting your hands dirty and you're getting to spend time with the people you're serving and getting to know them," Thomson said. 
"Katie is one of those people who is joyful and great to be around, and really desires to be a servant," Bomgaars said. 
The residents, who don't always have the means to do this kind of handiwork, are thrilled with the work. 
"This is great. It is such a big help to my mom, it really is. She can't get out here like she used to, so this is a great help," said resident Milda Quintanar. 
"At the end of the day you just feel great because you have given your time, maybe made a little sacrifice to be here. It's an awesome opportunity to serve people," Thomson said.
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