7Everyday Hero John Geyer helps fellow veterans at the VA Hospital in Denver

Volunteer greets veterans with a fee cup of coffee
Posted at 7:59 AM, Aug 07, 2017
DENVER -- If you've got to go to the hospital, it sure helps to be greeted by a friendly face, someone who knows what you are going through.
7Everyday Hero John Geyer is that person at the V.A. Hospital in Denver. 
Geyer served in the U.S. Army and is a Vietnam War veteran.
"I have two speeds, off and fast," Geyer said. 
Geyer volunteers at the coffee cart in the main atrium of the hospital. It is where several organizations, like the V.F.W. and V.A. Volunteers provide free coffee every morning. 
"Anywhere from 275 cups to sometimes as many as 400," Geyer said. 
"It is for no other reason than it is a warm greeting and a smile that says you're welcome here, you are part of this community," said Carolyn Simon with the VFW Department of Colorado Auxiliary. 
Geyer feels it is important to connect with those who have given so much. 
"When I see a little guy with a World War two hat on, I like to shake their hands and thank them for saving the world, because, brother, that's what they did," Geyer said. 
He is just as proud of younger veterans returning home today. 
"I can't tell you how great these young kids are.  These guys are going back two, three, four times.  They are the most respectful, the bravest," Geyer said. 
John Geyer served his country overseas and continues to do so on the front lines, right here at home. 
"If you do something nice for somebody and don't expect anything in return, you get the reward," Geyer said. 
To learn more about volunteering for veterans click on one of these sites:
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