7Everyday Hero JoAnne Jones volunteers at Marisol Health

Licensed therapist quits job to help women
Posted at 8:47 AM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 10:47:52-04
As the nation debates the future of health care, a non-profit in Colorado is reaching out to those who need care right now. 

7Everyday hero JoAnne Jones is at the heart of the project. 

After more than 30-years as a licensed marriage and family therapist Jones has found another way to help others: she volunteers at Marisol Health. 

"It is joy, unimaginable," said JoAnne Jones 

"We provide full OBGYN care for women as well as social services such as counseling," said Jenny Langness. 

Thanks to volunteers like Jones, the Marisol Clinics in the Denver metro area help women and families in need with medical care, counseling and social services.

"We could not do what we do without JoAnne," said Langness. 

"I am trying to help our clients make good decisions, so that they find a purpose in their life and they're happy with the direction that they're going," said Jones. 

Marisol clinics are supported by Catholic Charities. No one in need is turned away. 

Each Marisol clinic serves about 50 to 75 women a month, which translates into countless success stories.

"We have women who six months ago we were so worried about whether they were even going to show up again next week.  And now they're here regularly. They have goals and dreams. We see them gaining success in their life," said Langness. 

It is an experience powerful enough to make Jones quit her private practice just to be involved. 

"It's a different feeling when you volunteer. It's like I'm just giving, but I am getting. This is my joy in life; this is my purpose," said Jones. 

And that joy helps transform lives. 

"They were really feeling hopeless.  And what Joanne does is help them have hope," said Langness. 

To learn more about Marisol Health clinics go to

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