Volunteer welcomes visitors to Denver Art Museum

Posted at 2:31 PM, Apr 11, 2016
For many people visiting the Mile High City, one of the first faces they see when they visit is 7Everyday Hero Jeanne Kearns. 
She is a long time volunteer at the Denver Art Museum. 
About 700,000 people visit the museum every year. 
"She has just such a 'can do' attitude, her enthusiasm, her knowledge of our permanent collections is a wonderful resource to our visitors when they come into the museum," said Nikki Tomkinson, D.A.M. Volunteer President. 
Kearns volunteers as a guest services volunteer at the front desk in the art museum's north building. 
"I greet the people coming in, first of all to welcome them to the museum and then to answer their questions about the museum. It is just so much fun. Meeting with the people and finding out where they are from, what they want to see," said Kearns. 
Kearns has given her time here for 20 years.
She is one of the 500 friendly volunteers at the museum. 
"When I think about Jeanne Kearns I can't help but smile. She is truly a treasure and we are so fortunate to have her as part of our team," said Rachel Sinclair, Manager of Volunteer Services at the D.A.M. 
"She is just a true gem of the Denver Art Museum," said Tomkinson. 
Kearns loves the art at the museum.  Her favorites include the more traditional art on the north building's sixth floor and the American Indian artwork found on the third floor. 
"The other fun thing here is seeing all the kids. We have over 200, sometimes over 500 and to watch their enthusiasm is wonderful," said Kearns. 
"She's such a warm greeter and a delightful, friendly face when she's at the north building," said Tomkinson. 
Kearns volunteers three Wednesdays a month at the Denver Art Museum. 
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