7Everyday Hero Grace Kelso shares her music

Posted at 9:09 AM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 11:28:32-04
7Everyday Hero Grace Kelso has nine grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. 
She also has dozens of fans who come out each week to hear her music. 
"It is kind of old music. We don't do much of anything new," explained Kelso. 
Kelso plays the piano in a band. 
It is mostly tunes from the 1940s. 
The kind of music that draws those still young at heart to the dance floor. 
Every Wednesday, Kelso and friends stir memories and move hearts with their music at the Volunteers of America Clements Community Center in Lakewood.
"Well, it just makes me happy," said Kelso. 
"These people are dancers, so on Wednesdays they're out there dancing," said Jean Engstrom, Volunteer Coordinator. 
"Wednesday is just a nice lift in the middle of the week. Life gets hard sometimes, especially when you're as old as I am," laughed Kelso. 
At 91 years young, Kelso proves you are never too old to volunteer.  
"I always feel whatever talent I have is God-given, so I don't particularly care to charge for it," said Kelso. 
So, she has been doing this every Wednesday for nearly 15 years. 
"She shows up rain or shine. It takes a major snow storm to stop her and then she's like: 'Oh, I'm sorry I couldn't make it,'" said Engstrom. 
"Well, I played the organ for church for 60 years," said Kelso. 
Take it from a piano player who knows a thing or two about the rhythm of life: Everyone benefits when you give back. 
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