7Everyday Hero Dave Hannaway uses sports to teach life skills

Volunteer teaches volleyball at the YMCA
Posted at 8:08 AM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 10:08:59-04
ARVADA, Colo. -- It never hurts having another positive adult influence in our children's lives. 7Everyday Hero Dave Hannaway is that voice, helping hundreds of Colorado kids. He is a volleyball coach who is teaching important life skills. 
"Volleyball is a mistake-driven sport. If you watch volleyball, most points end on an error. Somebody has made a mistake," Hannaway said. 
Hannaway believes volleyball is a perfect opportunity to teach kids that it is all right to drop the ball now and then in life. 
"Get over the hurdles that are going to be in my way, and it's OK if I fall down five times, just get up six," Hannaway said. 
Coach Hannaway is a motivator and a volunteer volleyball coach for the Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA in Arvada. 
"My goal here is to teach these kids that every little thing counts, they all have talent, and they can do anything," Hannaway said. 
"It has been really cool because he is always really encouraging. He is always trying to get you to do stuff outside your comfort zone," said Haley, a volleyball player. 
Hannaway works full time and yet still finds time to coach four YMCA teams and hold volleyball camps. His lessons are as much about life as they are the sport itself. 
"If you're not challenging yourself here, how are you challenging yourself outside of this gym?" Hannaway explained. 
"He is so emotional about what he does and he really wants to see these kids thrive in these programs," said Jen Spettewl, Executive DIrector of the Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA. 
Hannaway has volunteered at the YMCA for 14 years, because giving energizes him. 
"This is what gives me purpose," Hannaway said.
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