7Everyday Hero Bert Nett helps provide food to those in need

Posted at 7:43 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 09:43:16-04

BOULDER, Colo. -- There is a place in Boulder called Earth's Table that is turning out thousands of pounds of food for those in need. The effort is led by 7Everyday Hero Bert Nett.

"It started out as just a single garden in 1999 with the idea of feeding those in need of food, and it has just grown to this," Nett said.

It has grown to five large gardens.

"We have three quarter acre gardens and three that are about 50 by 50," said volunteer Michele Pelanne

Nett started it all 18 years ago.

"You can see our sign: The end of hunger begins here. That's kind of what we believe," Nett said.

It is a simple idea that has turned into a lifeline for those less fortunate in Boulder.

"We donate all of our food, 100 percent to food banks, to Community Food Share, Harvest of Hope, Sister Carmen Center," Nett said.

"We are serving about 1,300 people a week at the pantry now. So, that's 1,300 people who are benefiting from Bert's efforts in the gardens," said Mike Freece at Harvest of Hope Pantry.

Last year, Earth's Table gave away eight and a half tons of fresh food. 

"More than 16,000 people were given food last year because of these gardens," Nett added.

That takes dozens of dedicated volunteers, but it is Bert Nett who organizes it all.

"Bert is so humble about the energy that it takes to do this on his part. He set up this whole system of gardening and invited people to come and harvest," Pelanne said.

The volunteers harvest not just fresh food for others, but a feeling of joy for themselves. With Earth's Table, everyone benefits.

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