7Everyday Hero Angie Appel leads a musical group for patients at Presby St. Luke's Med. Ctr.

PSL Heartstrings strike a chord with patients
Posted at 8:02 AM, Jul 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-31 10:02:07-04
DENVER -- Some doctors and nurses at Presbyterian Saint Luke's Medical Center are striking a chord with patients. 
7Everyday Hero Angie Appel is leading a musical group for patients called P.S.L. Heartstrings. 
"We go throughout the hospital and play music for patients," Appel said. 
Participants are all doctors and nurses who volunteer to play with the group either before or after their work shifts. 
The members vary depending on who can join in.
On the day Denver7 visited, Esther was on the bongos, Ian on guitar, Daniel on the stand-up bass and Lela and Angie were singing lead vocals. 
"They knocked on my door and said, 'We have a little band going, can we come in and sing for your family?' And I was like, sure," said new mom Jennifer Delgado. 
"The first thing they tell me is, 'Is this a joke? You're going to sing?," said group vocalist Lela Mansoori, M.D. 
The P.S.L. Heartstrings group believes music helps them treat the whole patient and not just the ailment. 
"I would say about 90% of our patients tend to exhibit some kind of emotion right away when we start playing for them," Appel said. 
"I know how healing music is for my patients and that brings me joy," added Dr. Mansoori. 
The patients are all smiles when the group steps into their room to play.
"Well, it was fantastic. It was a great way to start the morning. Music just breathes life into you," said liver transplant patient Jimmy Maniscalco. 
"Oh, they're amazing. They sounded beautiful," Delgado said. 
"There aren't that many things that bring a smile and tears of joy to my patient's day, and music always does," Dr. Mansoori said. 
You would think after a long day on their feet, these doctors and nurses at Presbyterian Saint Luke's would like to leave the hospital. But Appel says the Heartstrings experience is good medicine for them, too. 
"It allows me to connect back to why I do this. And that moment in the room with a patient helps me connect with them and their story and them as a person again," Appel said. 
The Heartstrings are looking for more players. To learn more about volunteering at Presbyterian Saint Luke's go to

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