Volunteer helps families at Children's Hospital

Posted at 10:21 AM, Apr 25, 2016
What do you picture yourself doing when you turn 90? 7Everyday Hero Felice Cottle volunteers several times a week at multiple agencies. 
Every Wednesday she gives her time at Children's Hospital in Aurora. Cottle has been volunteering in the eighth floor activity center playroom for 16 years. 
"I just love kids.  I love their spirit. Even the ones who are suffering, they never complain," said Cottle.
Everyone calls Cottle, "Fifi."
"My oldest grandson couldn't pronounce my name, Felice.  So, it came out Fifi and it has stuck," explained Cottle.
"When I asked her to come in today, she arrived early.  And she said, 'I am going up to my room.'  So, the playroom on the 8th floor is her room," said Kathleen McBride, Director of Volunteers. 
"My job is to play with the kids," Cottle said with a big smile.
But she knows the activity centers are as much for the parents as they are the kids. 
"The kids come in with pick lines and feeding tubes and oxygen and they come in and go play with the toys.  The parents are the ones who know what's going on," said Cottle. 
"It allows them a respite so they can take care of themselves while their kids are being taken care of by Felice," said McBride. 
Cottle turns 91 years young this summer. 
"Well, my 90th was one big whooptie do," laughed Cottle.
But she has no plans to give up volunteering. 
"I get happiness, joy, pleasure," said Cottle.
To learn more about volunteering at Children's Hospital Colorado go to
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