7Everday Hero Largressa Munnerlyn helps improve student's reading scores

Munnerlyn teams up with Volunteers of America
Posted at 10:40 AM, Sep 26, 2016
7Everyday Hero Largressa Munnerlynn is known as "The Encourager." 
"She definitely brings a positive attitude everyday," said Karissa Ciarlelli, Reading Center Coordinator, Dora Moore School. 
Munnerlyn is a volunteer tutor at Denver's Dora Moore school. She helps students with reading through the Volunteers of America Foster Grandparent Program.
"She helps people like me and she's a good person," said 8-year-old Xenory. 
Xenory did not really care much for reading until Munnerlyn came along.
"Her teacher actually pulled me aside and said, 'I don't know what you're doing in Reading Partners but I have seen a huge turnaround in Xenory.  She now loves reading,'" said Ciarlelli. 
"I just try to give them as much love, and as much positive reinforcement, as I can," said Munnerlyn. 
The Foster Grandparent Program is available in seven Front Range communities. And it works wonders.
"Eighty percent of the kids that our tutors and volunteers worked with improved literacy skills either moderately or made high improvement," said Patti Krattenmaker, Manager, Foster Grandparent Program. 
If you are 55 or older you can volunteer for the program, too.  And perhaps learn something yourself.  
"I have gotten so much from these kids.  They've taught me all the slangs.  I know all the slang words.  Ain't nobody pulling nothing over me now," laughed Munnerlyn. 
Munnerlyn has given her time several times a week for the past two years. 
"She has the greatest attitude.  She is a cancer survivor and everyday she comes and is excited about being involved in the program and just about life," said Krattenmaker.
"I have something to give and I want to give it," said Munnerlyn. 
To learn more about the Volunteers of America Foster Grandparent Program go to
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