Retired teacher helping students learn math

Posted at 8:27 AM, May 09, 2016
Parents often cringe when their grade school children ask for homework help. However, students at Cotton Creek Elementary School in Westminster have a built-in math tutor.
7Everyday Hero Julian Clark visits two days week. 
"When I come I work with Keri's class," said Clark.
Keri is Keri Roberts, a fourth grade teacher at Cotton Creek and also Clark's daughter. 
"I am really proud of him and I am blessed being able to spend time with my dad.  Not everyone gets a chance to spend time with their dad," said Roberts. 
On top of that, Clark is a retired teacher. 
"I taught with Denver Public Schools starting in 1962," said Clark. 
Clark retired in 1990 and soon after started volunteering at Cotton Creek. He helps students maximize their math smarts. 
"He always has new ways of thinking of problems.  And it's super fun learning them," said Sam, a fourth grade student. 
"And if we're stuck, I can just ask him something and he will help me with it," added Reece, another fourth grader. 
"It is like having a nice grandpa in the room.  He's calm and pleasant and they'll share with him because they know he's not giving them a grade," said Roberts. 
Clark is rather modest. 
"I say, 'How can I confuse you now?'" said Clark. 
But the students at Cotton Creek sing his praises. 
"He's very smart," said Sam.
"He is helping us a lot," said Reece. 

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