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'Not my Colorado' and 'Not my Governor' bumper stickers are popping up in Northern Colorado

Posted at 5:49 PM, Jul 10, 2019

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EATON, Colo. -- The legislature might be blue, but large parts of our Colorado are still deep red and deeply resentful of the way the state is changing.

A petition to try and recall Gov. Polis has been launched, and a conservative group in northern Colorado has started printing 'Not my Colorado' and 'Not my Governor' bumper stickers.

Thousands of people for and against the stickers have weighed in on our Denver7 Facebook page.

Man behind bumper stickers says this is not his Colorado

Jim Bowman is the guy behind the stickers and is selling the political stickers online for $4.99 apiece.

He said he doesn't like the governor, he doesn't like the new oil and gas law, and doesn't feel like Colorado is home anymore.

"'Not my Governor' is basically I'm not in favor of most of the things he stands for," Bowman said. "'Not my Colorado' is just I've seen the state change so much."

Bowman is also an oil field worker and said he feels threatened by the new oil and gas law, SB19-181, which is meant to prioritize public health and safety over corporate profits.

"We're dependent on the oil field to make our living," he said.

Colorado native says if you don't like it, leave

For native Russ Zeller, the issue is simple.

"If it's not your Colorado then don't live here," Zeller said. "There's always going to be things you disagree with, no matter what governor you have."

Eaton barber wants to go back to the good ol' days

"I like Colorado the way it used to be," said Gene Smallwood, who has been cutting hair at a barbershop in Eaton for more than 60 years.

From his perspective, everything has changed and not for the best, which is why he is in support of the bumper stickers.

"Not so much traffic, not so many people," he said.

Colorado Rising says 'this is my Colorado'

Anne Lee Foster runs Colorado Rising, a citizen run group they say are protecting communities from fossil fuel extraction.

"My question is what is your Colorado?" said Foster. "Because right now we have an 'F' air quality rating, the law simply prioritizes health and safety first over corporate profits."

Her organization takes issue with the stickers and the whole idea behind them.

"This is the type of Colorado I want to be in," said Foster. "Is poor air quality really the type of Colorado they're fighting for?"