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As they graduate high school, here’s what 4 Colorado seniors said they’ve learned after a year of the pandemic

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Posted at 5:45 PM, May 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-28 19:45:03-04

Editor’s note: Denver7 has been following the lives of four Colorado high school students this year as they navigated senior year during the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, all four of them shared the challenges that came with remote learning.

This time around, they talked to us about what they learned after living through a wild, unexpected year as a teen.

Ethan, senior at Legend High School

Ethan is a senior at Legend High School. He says this year, music was a life-saving way to cope with the hectic changes that came with learning during the coronavirus pandemic, not to mention being away from friends.

The most difficult thing for him to overcome, he says, was just staying focused with all his schoolwork and everything else that comes at you when you're a teen trying to survive the last year of high school. What's his advice for upcoming seniors and other students looking to cope with drastic changes, such as he has during the pandemic? See for yourself below:

Ethan | Legend High School: What I’ve learned as a senior during the pandemic

Alexander, senior at Thomas Jefferson High School

Alexander is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School. For him, the most difficult part of this whole year he had to overcome was being isolated from his friends. However, not all was lost as he learned the value of friendship and that too much and too little of everything is never a good thing.

Here's his advice for upcoming seniors:

Alex | Thomas Jefferson High School: What I’ve learned as a senior during the pandemic

Jayla, senior at Arvada High School

Jayla is a senior at Arvada High School. Jayla, like the seniors we spoke with, also struggled during the pandemic as she had to, all of a sudden, switch her sleeping habits, the way she interacted with her friends, and had to give up sports for a time.

But she came back stronger than ever and had this piece of advice to give seniors who may eventually face similar situations in the future:

Jayla | Arvada High School: What I’ve learned as a senior during the pandemic

Kenzi, senior at Green Mountain High School

Kenzi is a senior at Green Mountain High School. For Kenzi, the hardest part about this year was realizing that she wasn't going to have a normal senior year. But in tough times there are some good lessons, and Kenzi says she's now learned to make the best of things and let things flow.

"It just allowed me to learn that. you just have to go with the flow nad make the best of things when you can," she said.

As for her advice for upcoming seniors? Here's what she had to say:

Kenzi | Green Mountain High School: What I’ve learned as a senior during the pandemic