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New Scary-Sour Skittles To Hit Shelves For Halloween

New Scary-Sour Skittles To Hit Shelves For Halloween
Posted at 3:00 PM, Aug 18, 2021

Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means it’s almost time to start loading up on pumpkin spice goodies and Halloween candy.

After giving us a surprising — and disgusting — “Rotten Zombie” flavor in 2019, Skittles has another Halloween collection, this time full of sour surprises. The new Skittles Shriekers are filled with super-sour Skittles that look just like the rest of the pack, so you won’t know if you have a regular Skittle or something much more pucker-worthy until you’ve eaten one.

The new packs are available now in retailers like Walmart and each bag comes with five flavors: Citrus Scream, Ghoulish Green Apple, Rattled Raspberry, Shocking Lime and Spine-Tingling Tangerine.

Mars Wrigley

There will be plenty of other Halloween candy hitting store shelves soon as well, including the return of Hershey’s Vampire Kisses and Witches Brew Kit Kats, and new treats like Nerds candy corn.

Nerds candy corn has the triangular shape of traditional candy corn, but comes in multiple solid colors, and has a chewy mellowcreme center and a crispy candy shell exterior. The brand says the candy is sweet, tangy, crunchy and chewy.

Candy Warehouse

If candy isn’t your favorite part of Halloween, the holiday’s spooky decorations are also starting to hit stores. Home Depot’s collection this year includes giant inflatables, while Sam’s Club has Halloween hot cocoa bombs and plenty of decorations.

Target also has everything from costumes to lights and decor, like these zombie hand yard stakes, an animated doorbell and a reversible light-up stop sign that informs trick-or-treaters whether they should stop at your house or keep moving because you’re out of candy.

You can also grab Halloween candles, soaps and body products at Bath & Body Works or some giant animatronics from Party City, Spirit Halloween and like this life-size animated grim reaper for just $70.

Are you getting excited for Halloween?

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