‘Overwhelming evidence' of man-made climate change demands action from CU Boulder, faculty say

Posted at 12:44 PM, Dec 21, 2016

BOULDER, Colo. – University of Colorado Boulder professors are demanding the university take urgent action against man-made climate change.

The Boulder Faculty Assembly, a group that represents faculty members at the CU Boulder campus, passed a resolution that calls for businesses, governments and the rest of civil society to take urgent action against man-made climate change, noting “there is overwhelming evidence that changes in the climate over the past century are due to human activities.”

“We felt it was really important that the faculty stand up and say that we are working hard at this, that we believe in the science of climate change and we're going to actively do our part to prevent any harm from climate change as much as we can," CU environmental engineering professor Shelly Miller told our partners at the Boulder Daily Camera.

The newspaper also notes that the resolution was passed in part due to skepticism from certain members of the Board of Regents, who have openly expressed doubts about humankind’s influence on climate change.

The move by the university also comes amid the recent administration picks by president-elect Donald Trump, who are skeptical of man-made climate change and global warming.

Trump himself has described global warming as a hoax created by the Chinese.

"We were concerned that we have leaders, not only at the university but of our country, that weren't clear on the science and that climate change is happening," Miller told the Camera. "We thought it was important that we say, 'Look, this is what we think here at this university.’”

Denver7’s First Alert Weather Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson has also openly spoken about climate change and the urgent need to protect our planet from even further environmental degradation:

“Someday we may find other worlds that provide an environment gentle enough to enable life to form, but for now, this is it, our lonely outpost in the corner of a galaxy.

It seems prudent, patriotic and reverent that we do what we can to conserve and protect the fragile envelope of air that allows us to live on planet Earth. The legacy we leave future generations depends upon the actions we take in the coming years. Our heirs will be the judges of our success.”


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