Hate parking in downtown Denver? ParkiFi app promises to find a spot for you

Posted at 9:38 PM, May 10, 2017

DENVER -- The pain of parking is a problem we have all probably faced, including the challenge of trying to find a spot downtown. 

But an app now claims to have the solution to circling the block and having to deal with tags or tickets.
"I've wasted probably 45 minutes today parking," one aggravated driver we spoke to Wednesday said. 
Denver-based ParkiFi claims you can now find a space and pay for it all in their app.
"All you have to do is be navigated to a spot, hit one button, and walk away," Leslie James of ParkiFi told Denver7.
Here's how that works: Within the app, find a green open parking space in a lot on a map, once you drive there find a spot, and hit pay. 
"Some people have made the comparison [that we are] the Uber for parking," James said.
Keep in mind -- this isn't a parking reservation or even a guaranteed spot.
Right now, the pay option in ParkiFi is available in about 21 surface lots downtown; without the pay option you get availability in about 40 more surface lots. But big-time expansion is expected this summer to possibly include Denver city parking meters. 
Denver7 tested out the new ParkiFi app that allows you to pay. Watch the video above to see how it went.