How do today's TV sales compare to Black Friday?

Posted at 5:13 PM, Dec 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 13:34:05-05

There are two weeks of shopping left before Christmas and many stores are pushing TV deals, but how do this week's sales compared to Black Friday? Let's take a look.


On thefront page of its ad this week, Target is offering a 32" Samsung LED TV for $199.99 with a $25 Target gift card, so that's $174.99. Target had a 32" Samsung LED TV for sale for $177.99 on Black Friday, so it's actually cheaper this week.

On page 15 of this week's ad, there are more TVs. A 32" Westinghouse LED TV is $149.99. A 40" Samsung Smart LED TV is $349.99. A 50" Westinghouse LED TV is the same price, $349.99. And a 60" Samsung Smart LED TV is $799.99.

I can't compare all of those TVs to Black Friday pricing, but it appears two of them were cheaper on Black Friday.

On Black Friday, Target had a 32" Westinghouse LED TV for $99.99 ($50 cheaper than this week). On Black Friday, Target had a 60" Samsung 1080p LED TV for $687.99 ($112 cheaper than this week).

See this week's Target ad.


On the front page of Walmart's ad this week, the company is featuring a 55" 4K Ultra HD Vizio TV for $798. Walmart had a 4K UHD in its Black Friday sale, but it a Hisense model, same size, but much cheaper at $448.

Inside its ad, Walmart only has two other TVs mentioned -- a 48" Vizio Smart LED HDTV for $428 and a 65" Vizio 4K Smart Ultra HDTV for $1,098.

However, Walmart didn't offer anything during its Black Friday sale that I compare to these TVs.

See Walmart's entire ad here.

Best Buy:

Best Buy is advertising several TVs this week including a Samsung LED 1080p HDTV for $199.99. It looks a lot like the one Target is offering for the same price, but Target is offering a $25 gift card.

Best Buy is also offering a LG 60" LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for $999.99. They had another 60" 4K Ultra HDTV on Black Friday for $200 cheaper, but it was a Samsung 2160p 4K Ultra HD for $799.99 so I'm not sure if you can compare them.

If you're looking for the cheapest 32" TV you can find, Best Buy has a 32" Westinghouse LED 720p HDTV for $139.99 this week. That's $10 cheaper than a similar TV at Target this week.

If you're looking for TVs, Best Buy's ad has more than 35 TVs listed for sale.

See Best Buy's ad and ads from Staples, Radio Shack, Toys R Us, Kmart, Dell, Dollar General, Big Lots, Petsmart and more in our Shop Smart section.

If you want to comparison shop, see the Black Friday TV deals at Target, Walmart and Best Buy here.

*Note, these prices were checked in ads for Dec. 13-19, 2015.