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Denver Nuggets 2019 ticket deals, specials

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Posted at 4:30 AM, Oct 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 06:31:00-04

DENVER — If you want to see the Denver Nuggets play this season, the team is offering two ticket specials this season.

Family Nights

Family Nights are most Saturday and Sunday nights at the Pepsi Center. Each family member will receive a "loaded" value ticket with $15 in credit to buy merchandise, drinks, or food. Ticket prices typically start at $29 to $32 for the Family Nights tickets.

However, you may or may not save money on this special. Here's why — when the non-Family Nights tickets on the same nights start at $16 and you pay $29 for a Family Nights ticket with $15 in credit, you're saving $2. But if the Family Nights tickets are $32 and regular tickets are $16, you're actually losing $1 compared to buying a $16 ticket and spending $15 extra on your own.

Nuggets Night Out

Nuggets Night Out events are on Thursdays and Fridays at the Pepsi Center. Like on Family Nights, each ticket comes with a "loaded" value ticket, in this case, with $10 in credit for merchandise, drinks and/or food.

On some nights, this is a good deal, but on others it's not.

Why? Some nights, regular tickets start at $29. If the Night Out tickets are $34 and include a $10 credit, that's a good deal. But when regular tickets start at $24, and Night Out tickets are $34, you're not saving any money.

Bottom line, check the regular price and check the promotion price, to make sure you really are getting a deal.

Learn more about the promotional nights on the Denver Nuggets' website.