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Debbie's Deals: Where to find coupons & getting organizing

Posted at 4:00 AM, Oct 30, 2017

Couponing is a great way to save money, but many of us tend to cut them and forget them.

Couponing teacher Laura Daily says you're throwing money away.

"Coupons are cash," Daily said. "If I handed you a $5 bill, you wouldn't throw it away. But the manufacturers are handing you $5 in coupons, why would you throw them away?"

Daily says the best paces to find coupons are the Sunday and Wednesday newspapers.

"The Sunday edition has the most coupon inserts," Daily said. But Wednesday's newspaper often has coupons, too, because that's when the weekly grocery advertisements are released.

Daily suggests finding coupons at and

Daily also finds coupons at the stores -- the "peelies" that are coupons put on products that you peel off and use -- and there are also the coupon dispensers put next to some products in stores.

Daily recommends being prepared for those unexpected sales, but cutting coupons and organizing them in a folder -- either a $1 organizer from a dollar store, an accordion folder from an office supply store or a larger binder with plastic holders.

"I slip all my coupons in," Daily said and then she puts the binder in the front of the cart. "That way, as you go through store, you never miss out that unexpected sale."

Daily says you can get extra coupons by visiting a coffee shop where they sell newspapers on Sundays. Look for the people who read one section of the newspaper, then toss the coupons in the recycle bin.

She also suggests creating coupon exchanges with your neighbors, or church or mommy group.

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