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Debbie's Deals: Libraries loan GoPro cameras, sewing machines, snowshoes, other items

Posted at 4:00 AM, Nov 23, 2017

Need a sewing machine, but don't want to buy one? Want to try out snowshoes, or a GPS for your bike, or a GoPro? Need a microscope for your child's science project?

Your local library may be able to help.

Several libraries in the Denver metro area loan out items you might not expect.

Search gadgets on the Arapahoe County library's website and you'll find a GoPro mounted camera, Nook tablet, GPS for biking (or hiking or driving) and other items you can borrow for free.

The Douglas County libraries have a sewing machine, binoculars, snowshoes, a karaoke system, a spinning wheel and other items to loan.

Denver's Public Library loans out GoPro cameras, a WIFI hotspot and even power meter to check how much it costs to run your appliances.

If you see a library offering unique items, e-mail me Debbie (

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