Want to save money on your summer vacation? Follow these 7 simple tips

Easy ways to track airfares and free breakfast
Posted at 4:21 PM, May 24, 2017

DENVER -- The summer travel rush is fast approaching. While it’s difficult to predict what airlines will do when it comes to airfares, we talked to a travel expert to come up with a list of seven cost cutting travel tips.

Emily McNutt, of, suggests the following if you want to save a buck or two while you travel: 

1. Use fare tracking resources

One of these resources is Google flights, which will email you alerts on specific flights to specific cities.

2. Get on Twitter

Get notified of cheap airline fares via Twitter by following Air Fare Watch Dog or go to their website,

3. Use alternative airports

If you're flying to San Francisco, land Oakland International Airport and not at San Francisco International Airport. Same for Florida -- land in Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami. 

4. Check for freebies

Some hotels, such as Hampton Inn and Hyatt Place, offer free breakfast promotions.

5. Use those flying miles 

Airline credit card promotions to help you gain points for future family travel

6. Compare airlines

Discount carriers such as Frontier and Spirit offer good base prices, but with luggage and seat costs, you should compare with other major airlines before buying that ticket. 

7. Road trip

You can’t ignore the savings that often come with a road trip.