Uber warns Denver of fake drivers taking advantage of riders

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 00:42:10-04

DENVER – Uber is launching a fake driver prevention campaign following at least two cases where people impersonating the company’s drivers have attacked unsuspected riders.

The ride-sharing company is launching a targeted campaign in certain areas of Colorado, such as Denver and Boulder, to warn riders to double-check the identity of their driver before hopping into an Uber.

The campaign follows at least two attacks that have made national headlines.

In one of the attacks, a man from Illinois reportedly posed as an Uber driver and sexually assaulted two women. In the other, ride-sharing impostors targeted and robbed riders at gunpoint.

“While rare, in partnership with law enforcement, we have been made aware of reports from cities across the country about rideshare scams,” said Uber’s law enforcement liaison Wade Stormer. “Unauthorized individuals may pose as rideshare drivers and target people who appear to be distracted or impaired. Some may offer to give free rides or discounted rides if paid in cash.”

To help users avoid a potentially dangerous situation, Uber has these pro-tips to guarantee a ride safe from point A to point B.

1. Double-check you’re getting in the right car

Before hopping into an Uber, make sure all the information from the app matches the information you see with your own two eyes. This information includes car make/model and license plate number.

You should also ask the identity of the driver to make sure it matches with the driver’s name you see in the app.

2. Had a few drinks? Get someone to double-check for you

Safety comes first and if you’re impaired or are unfamiliar with the app, request that a friend check the details above before getting into an Uber.

3. If details don’t match up, don’t get in the car

Go to a safe place and wait for the right car or driver to arrive, or cancel the ride and report it to Uber immediately. If you feel threatened, contact police immediately and inform Uber about it once it’s safe to do so.

4. Double-check your ride if you’re a driver

If you’re a driver, make sure you ask the name of the person riding with you before staring the trip. If information does not match, you may decline the ride and report it to Uber immediately.

For a full list of actions Uber has put in place to guarantee your safety, click here.