TV antennas making a comeback as more and more people ditch high-priced cable, satellite service

Local antenna installation business up to 10/week
Posted at 3:41 PM, Dec 02, 2016

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Decades ago, they were prominently perched on rooftop after rooftop -- as iconic as brick chimneys.

Then, came the advent of satellites and cable – and TV antennas virtually disappeared.

Now, they’re back, omnidirectional with a lower rooftop profile, but the same old promise: Free TV.

“I used to install cable," said Anthony Leyba, owner of Digital Concepts antenna installation service. “I saw this trend and I figured, maybe I can capitalize on this. Free TV is where it's at."

His business is booming.

“It was at ten (antenna installations) a month. Now, it’s up to ten a week,” Leyba said.

“I’m going back to the old-fashioned antenna on the roof like we used to have 30 years ago," said Leyba’s customer Don Sheehan.

Sheehan is 'cutting the cord' so-to-speak. He’s ditching his satellite for internet video and an antenna.

“I can take what I'm paying right now and chop that in about a third," Sheehan said.

It's a nationwide trend. People across the country are dumping cable and satellite TV for internet video services like Netflix, Apple TV and Sling Television.

But because those streaming services don’t offer local channels, many people are installing antennas to complement their internet TV.

And it’s no longer just those bunny ears of yesteryear that you constantly had to adjust to get a good signal. Now, Leyba primarily has a truck full of the newer, flat antennas that are multi-directional and HD.

Installation will run you about $250.

"That’s for the antenna itself and all the labor," Leyba said.

After that, TV is free -- forever.

Sheehan will pay a small cost to keep internet video.

"It goes from about $150 a month down to $35 a month. So, it's a pretty big savings," Sheehan said.

"That's Christmas money," said Leyba.

Antennas currently provide about 50 free channels, including Spanish and religious programming.


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