Scammers target college students looking for summer jobsDen

CSU issues warning after recent police reports
Posted at 9:40 PM, Mar 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-28 23:40:21-04

DENVER -- A family wants to warn others about a summer job scam targeting local college students.

Colorado State University freshman Emma Schwartz was offered a job as a personal assistant and at first it sounded like a great gig. She exchanged emails, text messages and even talked to the man on the phone.

"So he emailed me and told me he was contacted through my school which then I was like, 'ok maybe he’s legitimate,'" said Emma Schwartz.

He explained that he would be sending a check so she could complete an errand for him. A check for $1,970 arrived at her parents' home but that's when her dad became suspicious. 

"I did a little follow up with her, asked her a few more questions. It ended up, I called the bank and identified the fact that it was a fraudulent counterfeit cashiers check," said her dad, Gary Schwartz.

The scammer picked the wrong family, as it turns out.

Gary Schwartz is a certified fraud examiner and he wasn't about to let his own daughter fall victim. He said they want to warn other students who might not be as savvy. 

"On it’s face it appeared to be very legitimate," said Gary Schwartz.

They still don't know exactly how the scammer was able to contact Emma in the first place but the man reached out using her university email.

CSU police issued a warning describing a similar scam and telling students to be wary of anyone who's attempting to ask for their personal information.

After this whole ordeal, Emma Schwartz is still looking for a summer job but she is going to insist on an in-person meeting next time.