Need a summer job in Colorado? They're out there, but you better act fast

Posted at 9:55 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 00:51:34-04
DENVER -- If you're in need of a summer job, we have good news for you: If you act fast enough, there are open positions out there this year. 
"It's a job seekers market for youth and adults," Cher Haavind of the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment told Denver7. 
That is especially true for teenagers looking for seasonal employment.
"For youth job seekers in particular, really they can have their pick of summer jobs right now," Haavind added.
So how do teens actually land those jobs? There are dozens of offices of Denver Employment Services to help.
"It's a free service and they can do interview prep, they have workshops, they can help create a resume if there isn't one to begin with," Haavind also said.
Denver7 went to one of Denver's best known seasonal employers to get the scoop on when to job hunt: Bonnie Brae Ice Cream. 
"A little more than half of the staff I hire in April and May for summer [are teens]," manager Kerry Dougherty said. 
That means the shop is more than halfway through its hiring process. 
"They need to hurry up... they really do," Dougherty said, "I have probably four more people that I need to hire and then I'm done." 
"There are a lot of jobs out there. The fun ones go fast," Haavind added. "Put your resume out there, put your application in, start looking now." 
One major resource is the state's free jobs database called Connecting Colorado, which you can get to by clicking here.