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Stores clearing out pandemic overstock with clearance sales, sometimes huge markdowns

Some markdowns as much as 70% or more
Posted at 4:00 AM, Jun 29, 2022

Remember when the pandemic hit, how we all scooped up athleisure wear, furniture, and exercise equipment for our homes?

With stimulus checks dried up, and soaring gas prices this year, we're not buying as much anymore. As a result, many retailers who ordered too much during the pandemic are suddenly finding themselves stuck with too much clothing, furniture, and other inventory.

Target even recently admitted that it over-ordered during the past year to keep its shelves full.

But now, those bursting-at-the-seams warehouses could mean big discounts coming your way.

What to buy now

So stores are slashing prices, by as much 40 to 70 percent on slow-selling items. You will find extra clearance sales right now at Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond, among others.

Mom Carmen DeLoche is taking advantage of it.

"I got some really nice toys," she said. "I got a couple of items for the summertime, play clothes, and they are 90 percent off right now, so that is awesome."

Marketing professor Kelly Goldsmith of Vanderbilt University says it's easy for shoppers to get excited about deals, but make sure you're not buying things you already have.

"Now the caveat here is, it's only a good deal if you need it," she explained. "The reason these things are on sale is often because so many people don't need them, and if you're one of those people that's doesn't need them, don't buy it."

Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge says it's not just clothing on sale.

She says you'll find more summer deals than usual "on furniture as well as TV's."

Bodge says when rummaging clearance racks for your kids, though, think bigger. Remember that they may be a size larger once school gets started this fall.

"Buy something for them that's a size up because they're gonna be bigger come fall," she said. " That might be a good way to save and stockpile a little bit right now."

All that is great advice for Carmen DeLoche. "My kids are growing like weeds," she said.

One last tip: Check the store's website too. Some retailers put their biggest markdowns online only so they don't take up space inside the store. That way, you don't waste your money.


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