Denver toy store 'Wizard's Chest' thrives despite uncertain market

Denver toy store established in community
Posted at 5:04 PM, Mar 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 20:21:14-04

DENVER -- For 37 years, the Wizard’s Chest has been a staple in the Mile High City. 

Manager Matt Greer feels the store isn't just a shop — it's a neighborhood center, hosting citywide events, like a Halloween parade.

Some of the unique traits that neither on-line shopping nor the national chains can provide.

“Again, it's this kind of experience. Even if you go to Walmart or you go to one of the big box stores, you don't get this. And when you come in here, you feel like you're in a castle," said Greer.

And just like any business, location is everything.

Several years ago, the toy store moved from Cherry Creek to Broadway. The move was seen as a way to expand by setting up shop in a fast growing, hip neighborhood.

The store carries the latest trendy toys, yet it also stocks goods that we all grew up on; games like Twister, Battle Ship and Clue.

That's a deliberate move to attract customers of all generations — as well as their children.

"You keep adapting and meeting the needs of your customers and the demands of what they have," Greer said. "You know, when something trendy comes out, it's kind of our job to pay attention to that but you also want to keep the things that are classic."


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