Crocs are making a big comeback thanks to Gen Z, company says

Posted at 11:23 AM, Aug 16, 2019

From high-waisted mom jeans to 80s neon shirts and denim overalls, what was once popular can sometimes be a trend again.

Remember Crocs? Well, the rubber boat shoes are back in style.

"They aren't really stylish, or they are kind of ugly,” says 8th-grader Faith Geisinger.

However, despite its appearance, Geisinger says Crocs are no longer embarrassing to sport. Everyone her age is wearing them.

Crocs are back and more popular than ever thanks to Generation Z, the demographic cohort that follows Millennials.

"Well, they are just kind of cool and what makes them fashionable are the Jibbitz," Geisinger says.

Crocs are ranked no. 13 among most popular footwear brands, but that wasn’t always the case. In 2017, they were no. 30.

"Crocs has really been focused on keeping the brand or making the brand relevant," says Katie Wagner with Crocs.

She believes teens were a big reason for the newfound hype and popularity. There was also big help from celebrity endorsements.

"Teenagers in particular are really embracing this brand because self-expression is so important," Wagner says.

Additionally, the company collaborated with celebrities who teenagers love like Post Malone and Luke Combs.

Crocs aren’t the only ones capitalizing on the 90s resurgence. Companies like Fila, Nike and Adidas have brought back the dad sneaker.

What you might find ugly, someone else may find fashionable.