Consumer Reports: The best spray sunscreens and lotion sunscreens

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jul 03, 2019

Choosing a sunscreen can be tough. There are so many brand names and options, so how do you pick the best one?

Consumer Reports tested dozens of lotions, sprays, and sticks.

All of the products are sent to a lab and tested for SPF, variation from SPF, and ultraviolet A (UVA) protection, according to Consumer Reports.

The best spray sunscreens:

  • Banana Boat SunComfort Clear UltraMist Spray SPF 50+ sunscreen
  • Trader Joe's Spray SPF 50+

The best lotion sunscreens:

  • BullFrog Land Sport Quik Gel SPF 50 sunscreen
  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-in Sunscreen Milk

Read more about each of these sunscrens and the testing Consumer Reports did on their website.