Air Force veteran's struggle to get moving pods from Denver company

Posted at 5:55 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 20:20:34-04

DENVER – We’ve all been in situations where something just isn’t going the right way.

A local couple have been asking for their moving pods to be delivered, but just weren’t getting answers. After exhausting all of their options, they turned to Denver7 for help.

John and Mary Gonzalez said they hired Special Ops Moving to move their belongings from Colorado Springs to Pueblo.

Special Ops Moving is based in Denver.

“We chose them because they are about being veteran friendly,” John Gonzalez said.

John and Mary are both Air Force Veterans.

The couple told Denver7 the company was supposed to deliver the moving pods to their home in Pueblo on July 14. But they said the company didn’t deliver the pods until July 18, with two pods missing.

Gonzalez came to Denver7 with documents and receipts showing he paid the company more than $3,000 to store and deliver the contents. He even provided text messages and call logs between the company and some of its employees acknowledging there were two missing pods.

He also had several text messages claiming the pods would be delivered, but still haven’t received them.

“We called them at least 54 times, and they never responded to those calls,” he said.

The couple showed Denver7 that it filed a complaint with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission about the company, and even involved the Denver Police Department to help with the situation.

The man said the police went to the warehouse with him to try and speak to the company, but was told the case was a civil matter that should be dealt with in small claims court.

The couple then decided to come to Denver7 to get some answers on why the issue is taking so long.

After heading to the warehouse, Denver7 made contact with the company’s owner through a phone call.

The owner then told Denver7 over the phone what the issue was.

“It was a fact that my lift went down and I couldn’t get the part for two and a half weeks,” said the owner. “Once it was fixed I was able to get the six pods and the other two are just waiting.”

The owner promised the couple it would have the pods delivered no later than Saturday morning.

So what can you do if you get into a situation like this? Try and talk it out first.

However, another option is to handle a complaint with the PUC. You can also file a claim in small claims court.